EDUvision Productions is pioneering new directions in food education for kids and families. 

Our programming features everyday kids cooking, gardening, and learning under the watchful eye of their skilled "adult helpers."  

Our mission is to produce exceptional educational television featuring kids learning about food and gardening. 

Our goal is to inform and include viewers of all ages in learning correct culinary techniques, celebrating the earth's bounty, and discovering careers in food.

In only its first year shooting EDUvision Productions gained recognition from Columbia Pictures, PBS, Comcast Cable Hometown Network, KRCB, Tri-Valley Network, Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa Education Channel, Alice Waters, and numerous local television stations in the northern and central California broadcast regions, stretching as far as Albuquerque, NM.  

In September 2009, Caitlin was asked to give a reading at the Columbia Pictures launch of their blockbuster animated feature, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. A week later, the Contra Costa Times featured star Caitlin Carnes, star in a lengthy article on our programming and included a ¼ page photograph. 

Following Caitlin, Food Kids aired with several other kids and a number of Adult Helpers in various combinations.  Food Kids aired for four years; we are currently on a break and we will resume producing programs again soon.  

Writer, Producer, Director: Paul Renaud

                                         Paul is the eclectic originator of Food Kids. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Paul has  
                                         spent his professional career blending his passions for education, culinary arts, and media 
                                         production.  A 25-year high school teacher, Paul is founder and director of the EcoTech 
                                         Academy, an innovative CA Partnership Academy in the Bay Area. 

Paul also serves young teaching credential candidates in the University of Phoenix, Graduate School of Education.  He holds a master’s degree in education; teaching credentials in Audio/Video Production, Culinary Arts, Literature, and Social Science; and school administration credentials in both K-12 and Adult/Vocational Education.

In his post-graduate studies at the Principal Leadership Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, Paul was granted access to the famed Edible Schoolyard; where he gathered data on the proposition that the school garden can be central to sustaining school community. Paul has been working for years to bring fresh foods to kids in schools, but he also uses television to bring fresh foods to kids in their own homes.

Paul has worked for thirty years in a variety of media related fields. He has produced nationally distributed educational and instructional videos, appeared in instructional segments on KRON/NBC in San Francisco, produced radio and television PSAs for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, and more.  At the release of Paul’s popular video, The Furniture Guy, Library Journal reported that Paul’s production work is “excellent,” and his content “highly professional.” 

Paul’s work in media has always mingled with his teaching; after several years of testing various food related activities with students, Paul saw an opportunity to begin producing the program he had imagined for years: Food Kids. The very first test shoots of Food Kids found broadcast air immediately on PBS and on Comcast.  Before the end of season one, Columbia Pictures invited Caitlin to  make a public appearance at the opening of their blockbuster movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Paul also worked for over 25 years in nearly every phase of the restaurant business. He began his career at Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, California; and he stayed for over five years. Paul worked beside some of the industry greats, preeminent among them is Alice Waters, who serves today on the advisory board of Food Kids. Paul remains deeply connected to the community of cooks, gardeners, and restaurateurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Food Kids is the culmination and integration of Paul’s work in three fields: education, culinary arts, and television production.  He shares the vision with his loyal and talented crew, cast, and collaborators.  

Paul works at College Park High School in Northern California where his students produce news programming and of course, cooking videos:

All music on this site is composed, performed, and recorded by Larry Schneider

All video on this site is edited by Jimmy Freeman

Key crew and collaborators include:

Jimmy Freeman
Dwayne Soriano
Kevin Willing
Marisa Willing
Jenny Elliott
Bobby Holsinger
Gus Guardado
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